Sunday, December 16, 2007

Military Might make Right?

I find it interesting that when we declared our independence in 1776, the British had military personnel all over the globe. ( They were in fact policing the world. Now take a look at the map of U.S. military bases below and you can also look at a list in this link, After listening to Ron Paul speak about this subject, I wanted to check into it for myself, and I am finally understanding what he is talking about. I believe that there is a great parallel between what is happening now and what was happening back then.

I also found some British maps showing occupation in the North America's in 1776. There are some other interesting maps on this site as well. I could not figure out how to shrink them to put it in my blog. It looked a lot like the map below though. when I found both maps I just thought it was very interesting and I wanted to blog about it.

I don't want to get too deep into politics and risk losing the interest of anyone or making anyone angry. I know we all have our own opinions and beliefs, so I will leave this little post as it is.

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shellbell said...

Thank you for your insight. Interesting comparison. My husband has brought up that point, also, that when we fought the revolutionary war, we were fighting against the kind of empire that we have now become. I agree it is not to the same degree, in that we dont "claim" to occupy these lands, even so, our CIA has been much more involved in middleeastern and word affairs than most people realize. Sadly, we soon wont be able to afford what we are doing, and if China, who finances much of our military activity, suddenly called on us to pay the bill, because of the falling dollar, they could bring us to our knees instantly. People fear nuclear weapons, without realizing a looming danger far worse, and much more likely.
Have I lost everyone yet with my rambling?!